Wednesday 27 February 2013

Single speed loony.

Single speed, rigid forks. Follow a man with no regard for progress.

Local rider Chris Schroder, got into the sport latter than most. He got himself a bike from a handsome/enigmatic Cycle vendor and then set about making up for lost time. Considering his insistence that he can't ride for toffee, he's picking up some rather peachy XC and enduro results. While I give him full credit for his determination and commitment, I think that habit of removing all the best bits off of his bike, (gears/suspension) brands him a fruit loop. Read his rather funny blog here and decide for yourself.

Well spring has sprung and it’s been dragging me out of my winter cave to see what all the tweeting is about. The couple of hours extra evening is making a big difference, as is the hugely welcome lack of rain. Last week I spent the day at Pureride HQ in the spring Sun fettling the hire bikes ready for the new season. Llanerchaeron is never a bad place to be, but with the combined sound of the river, birds and gears clicking away it was a joy. The warm spring Sun was a treat, but the Bacon rolls and damn fine coffee were the icing on the cake. Don’t you just love it when people surprise you with unexpected delicious stuff.
Apart from a little battle damage caused by ‘enthusiastic’ mountain bikers, My fleet  of Forme bikes have done extremely well.  Nothing more than a cable change and standard maintenance. Impressive considering how many miles that they covered. Judging by customer feedback for last year, so were the people that hired them. Tons of enthusiastic comments, so happy days.
Like most folks, my spring ‘to do’ list has plenty of the mundane on it, but it also means that I will soon start having kids down to learn to ride. I always use the same method and so far, have always had a result. It’s big fun and I’ve never failed to enjoy meeting the next (insert hero cyclist name here). Although the amount of sessions that I coach a child for can vary considerably, they all come at it with a smile, determination and some guts.  I wish I looked at every challenge that needed addressing in a similar way. Maybe it will wear off on me ? I’ve never charged for this service and I’m glad because a fiver here or there can’t compare with an unexpected crumble/cake/picture or bottle of Cider.
I will try to keep this blog fresh with reviews, local rides and rider profiles, fun cycling stuff etc. If you have any contributions or would like a topic covered please forward to me, it would be great to share.
Ceredigion is gaining (rightfully) more riders who see what an appealing destination it is with it’s endless quality riding, great food/accommodation and fun stuff to do. The county is also home to a rich bag of local riders from those massively committed to competition, to those brave enough to use the bike as primary transport. Not to mention those who wait for spring Sun !  Let’s hear from all of the above and keep Ceredigion cranking. Contact details HERE